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Krsna Mehta Designed Marshall Wallpapers

Krsna Mehta Designed Marshall Wallpaper Shop in New Delhi
Marshall Wallpaper Designed By Krsna Mehta Distributor in Gurugram
Designer Krsna Mehta’s name is associated with marshall wallpaper who reinterprets India through his plans and fine art, displaying the nation’s social legacy and vignettes from every day life. His mixed outline sense is in plain view at his Mumbai living arrangement too. His home, he accepts, is the primary spot to release his imagination, before it is presented somewhere else.
The space | which he imparts to his “two lovable felines Bailey and Google”, is comfortable and brilliant. “It is enlivened by varied subject and in this way, is brimming with shading. The loft comprises of a kitchen, family room, room, study and two lavatories.” He concurs, “I trust that an all around brightened home the identity of its tenants. Therefore, my house is an impression of myself. My house is a desert garden of peace, it alleviates me from worry toward the finish of a bustling day.”
Krishna Mehta understood his calling as a high schooler and composed his initially pad cover at 16. Subsequent to concentrate Surface Design at Parsons and Display Graphics at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, he worked with a few brands before beginning India Circus, reflecting the tumult and shading in contemporary India. His fine art is hip, utilizing silk screens on canvas, computerized photography, paint and weaving. He appreciates making lifting the unremarkable by re-contextualizing what we find in our day by day life.
Krsna Mehta designed Marshall Wallpapers is the well-known name in wallpapers and wallcoverings with traditional and contemporary products that will give a unique look to your home, office, living room, bedroom walls and much more.

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